I’m Traveling with my Crystalline favorites

I went on a well-anticipated trip soon, and I will have my crystals with me.  I am not anxious about flying, even though I have a fear of heights.  My last trip was to Miami, and that is where the ability to walk unassisted started.  I am going to the same airport and do not want to have a flashback.  I am doing well as far as my nerve damage is concerned and can walk unassisted now, though my walk is not as energetic as it once was.  My anxiety about being on the airplane is the fighting and foolishness that is happening onboard. I can get reactionary at times, and if I were hit, even by accident, there is a possibility that I would respond.  My response would be a North Philly flashback.

So, I brought a pouch of crystals for my protection, and they might help me and the other travelers stay calm.  My smokey quartz stone will give me energy as I flag down the wheelchair attendant.  Black tourmaline can divert the negativity of the day by recycling negative energy into positive. It is an excellent crystal to travel with as the first line of defense. Black tourmaline works well in the airport.  It helps to dissipate the EMFs in the airport, which is heavily filled with technology. I have yellow jasper, a stone of confidence, power, self-worth, and happiness—what a fantastic way to travel.  Amethyst was used to protect travelers against pirates and thieves,  but today it will assist in lessening anxiety and stress. Malachite is another crystal for safe travel; it is the crystal for pilots and flight attendants.  It will keep you grounded.  I have a beautiful peach moonstone that encourages joy and good luck.  It is the stone you want to protect against road rage and safety when going over water.  And talking about water, I spent four nights on the beautiful Celebrity’s Apex, and aquamarine mirrored the blue waters. I had a wonderful time on my cruise – it ensured that my quality of life is improved. I forgot to mention that I have a separtine palmstone which is my Linus blanket.  It is a healing and protective crystal that promotes grounding.  I hold that crystal when I am getting anxious, and it is soothing.

Please check our website for the crystals I have described.  The holidays are coming!

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