The La Palma Island Volcano

There is a frightening and magnificent show of the power of Mother Earth.  La Palma Island’s quiescent volcano is erupting and spewing its contents of molten earth.  Mother Earth warned La Palma.  There have been over 22,000 earthquakes. The temperature of the molten rock is more than 1,800 F⁰. When erupting, there are explosions and the release of acidic steam and water. Out of this disorder comes orderly crystals like diamonds. Diamonds are formed when pressurized carbon is cooled.

The earth’s crust is primarily silicon and oxygen (SiO₂) and amethyst is formed when the silicon and oxygen get trap into a lava bubble which when it evaporates it arranges itself into a stable compound. But what gives the crystal its purple color? That color comes when trace amounts of iron get into the mix. 

I am a nerdy admirer of the wonders of crystals. I believe that the resident energy of crystals allows you to become your best self. I am visualizing veins of crystals forming and wish that I could see  Mother Earth’s products. Oh, how I would like to be able to admire them.

I have so many gems that I will share in our online eCommerce site Clearly, A Wonder, and I am offering a 20% pre-grand opening sale.

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