What Is My Intention: Part 2

I had a spiritual experience that directed me to share my knowledge of crystals and open a crystal shop, Clearly A Wonder.  Now, it wasn’t a Joan of Arc moment; I just woke up and told my husband that I would open a crystal shop.  And he wanted to know if I was in my right mind and how I proposed to do it.  I was also directed to develop a collaboration, which failed.  I didn’t want to write the descriptions and blogs, and I felt that I  could not write well anymore because of my memory disability.  But, when I had to get my shop together, I could do it. Maybe that is why the collaboration failed. I still have word search and short-term memory, but I have grown in my healing. I get stuck, but it doesn’t take half of the time it did two years ago.

We are using Instagram and Facebook to share our collection and getting the website.  We will have a grand opening in October, and please accept our invitation to visit, virtually or in person.  I promise to share only unaltered specimens.  I will not share the supposed citrine that is produced from heating amethyst.  I can’t wait.

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