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Moss Agate healing crystals feature captivating green and white moss-like inclusions that promote calmness and physical healing. These unique and powerful crystals are perfect for those looking to tap into their spiritual side or add a beautiful addition to their collection.

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208 Grams

Healing Properties

1. Physical healing: Moss agate is believed to support physical healing and is particularly effective in easing symptoms related to digestive and immune system disorders.

2. Emotional healing: This crystal is also effective in supporting emotional healing, promoting feelings of inner calm, and reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Enhances creativity: Moss agate is said to be a powerful tool for enhancing creativity, boosting imagination, and promoting artistic expression.

4. Promotes spiritual growth: This crystal is believed to promote spiritual growth and can be used for meditation, spiritual journeys, and other spiritual practices.

5. Provides grounding: Moss agate is said to provide grounding energy that helps in staying balanced, centered and connected with nature.


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